Some people like attention. I do not.

With that being said, I would like to introduce you to AwareWolf.

I was born with an eye condition that affects my peripheral vision and dark adaptation, rendering my sight limited to now only central vision during daytime. My low vision finally progressed to where I needed help navigating my world. All the denials, bargains, kicking and screaming ended. The time to embrace help had arrived.

Orientation and Mobility training was a life changer. The mobility cane, a 58” reflective billboard, announces obstacles and terrain changes, helping me ambulate with, at least for now, some semblance of grace. People around me also have the ability to recognize that I may not see them. My goal is to stay in the game, to maintain my level of independence and mobility for as long as possible. Safely.

I believed the cane was the answer to all my concerns. It helps me identify my path; experience has demonstrated that it does not always announce my inability to see. Having been struck by pedestrians and cars alike while caning, I asked, in frustration, “what else do I need to do to be safe around here?”

And so AwareWolf clothing was born.

Perhaps a neon green shirt with reflective stripes would beacon to those around me to please not run me over. I see workers, in public, wearing safety shirts. I see them. They stick out like claxons, their shirts screaming “HEYYY! LOOK OUT FOR ME!!” They are safe. But loud.

As I have stated earlier, I do not like attention. I prefer to blend in with the crowds. And yet I need to be seen.

AwareWolf clothing provides bright, eye-catching markings and “LOW VISION” wording, brightly and clearly printed on the front and back, alerting those present that I may not see them. Tastefully. With an element of “cool.” Clothing that says “Hi. Here I am. Please don’t run me over.” Instead of screaming. “I AM HERE.” I get recognized and my low vision is acknowledged, in a socially acceptable, non-obnoxious way.