On The Trail, BLIND

Trailblazing with my Awarewolf Gear has proven to be an interesting learning experience, from the perspective of a… well, a trailblazer. I have been debuting the clothing line around town, with interesting results (counting back change, eg.) My experiences on the trail are also worth noting.

Being human, I am naturally curious to peoples’ reactions to Awarewolf Gear and its big bright “BLIND.” As hikers pass, my ears seem to turn backwards, much like that cartoon robot dog’s ears would. At first I expected to hear snickers, laughter and sneers. Instead, I picked up on comments like “Wow, that’s brave,” or “Whoah, good for him!” or “WowHey, did you see that?” None of this strokes my ego; all of this reinforces my mission for Awarewolf Gear: Stay in the game. I got this. Let’s get it done.