Unblinded, 2020 Event: Awarewolf Gear Represents!

“Unblinded Sales Mastery, 2020” was a huge success! Roughly 2,000 business professionals, including 100 blind business operators and entrepreneurs, met for a blowout three-day event to “merge ecosystems.” Ecosystem merging comes in the form of introducing two (or more) communities, each with unique characteristics, and bring them together to address common overlapping qualities. Me? I’m merging Blind with Sedona’s vast offerings. (More on this later.) Awarewolf Gear was proud to be representing the Blind community by being seen! Sitting among the throngs of sighted hordes, Yellow Camo Hoodie was a beacon of colorful, eye-catching innovation that garnered a whole lot of attention, comments and recognition. While discussing the state of the Blind community with various entrepreneurs, a common question I had to field was “So… what’s your company do?” To which I would have to answer, patting my all-caps BLIND, “Uhhh, this! Awarewolf Gear!” The interesting takeaway for me was that the sighted community had accepted the clothing line as an already-existing line that has been available to the Blind for a while!

I have admittedly been hyper-focused on how the Blind community will accept and adopt this new “look;” I had not considered where the sighted ones stand. Once I explained that I was AwareWolf, an entirely new conversation emerged; that of the need to be seen, without having to shout; that we may just need a little more “heads-up,” a bit more recognition that we may be the less maneuverable person on the trail.

We all want to be accepted; treated no differently than the next dude. I was elated to hear that the sighted world sees us BLIND. And they dig it!